Timisoara was a blast! Cluj, what do you have in store?

Two weeks before the application deadline for MVP Academy 2017, the acceleration program for early-stage tech startups, we’re moving through the country meeting startups in all stages and industries. After the great outcome of meetings in emerging startup-center Iași, we arrived for a couple of days in vibrant Timișoara.

The local ecosystem has enjoyed an impressive run of recent deals involving tech startups, and is also home to some fast-growth companies – to name a few of Timișoara’s achievements up-to-date:

This relative abundance of local success stories is a result of the efforts of community stakeholders, that have taken the lead in creating the conditions for startups to appear. Groups such as Timisoara Startups, or hubs like Timisoara Startup Hub and the newer Cowork Timisoara play a big role in this – that’s why we had a short chat with the people behind them, to understand the mechanics of it all:

The growth would not have been possible with financial resources – local angel investors understood this, and are meeting regularly to discuss with startups that may be potential investment targets. We got the chance to discuss them firsthand during an event at Timisoara Startup Hub.

Bogdan Iordache, MVP Academy Director, discussing about angel investments in Romania, at an event in Timișoara, 27 January 2017

This week, we’re in Cluj for a couple of meetings:

Applications for MVP Academy 2017 end on Feb 19, on the program’s website. If you’re an early-stage tech startup, with an exceptional founding team and are aiming to reach global markets, we are eager to work with you.