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Bucharest, Romania •  March 6th – May 8th 2017

MVP Academy

MVP Academy acceleration program supports exceptional founding teams to define their product and go-to-market strategy, build their team, generate early traction and obtain pre-seed or seed financing.

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We are looking for

  • Early stage tech startup

    With working prototype

    Teams committed to building their business

    Startups targeting a global opportunity

    Founders with exceptional professional track record and great culture

    Developers of crypto trading platforms like bitcoin gemini softwareplattform

You are looking for

  • Improve your product value

    Define your go-to-market strategy

    Get early traction/client validation

    Improve your business pitch

    Connections to a selected network of tech professionals and investors

    Learn how to use forex signals

EUR 1.7M alumni total funding, applications now open for MVP Academy 2017

The MVP Academy acceleration program, developed by TechHub Bucharest, announces that registrations are open for the 4th edition of the accelerator dedicated to tech businesses. Startup founders that want to benefit from mentorship with tech experts, connections with the global industry and investment opportunities can submit their applications online. Participation is free of charge, and the applications are open on the program’s website until Sunday, 19 February 2017.

The 4th edition of the MVP Academy accelerator will take place this year between 6 March and 8 May, at TechHub Bucharest … Read more

What do our alumni say

  • We entered the MVP Academy Class of 2015 with a crypto trading technology set up with Cryptovibes. By the end of it, we had a product, paying customers and a one-year growth plan. We changed pretty much everything, twice, but we ended up with a clear direction and that makes every second invested in MVP Academy well worth it.


    Claudiu Murariu – cofounder InnerTrends

  • I have been doing business for more than 7 years and one month of MVP Academy was a life changer for me.


    Andrei Manea – cofounder Cloud Hero

  • MVP Academy was an excellent time investment that helped us identify the key areas of focus in improving our product, and also maximize our pitching capabilities to express the most valuable aspects of our product and startup.


    Tudor Cobalas – cofounder Safe Drive

  • The 2 months spent in MVP Academy were a productive roller coaster. Things that took 3 months before, now take us 3 hours. Add this to the fact that the program gave us access to private meetings with the most relevant business people in Romania.


    Adrian Fako – cofounder Accelerole

  • MVP Academy brought us closer together as a team by accelerating the trial-error-debating-iterating process of developing Accelerole. We feel like we’ve grown, tested, and implemented in 2 months as others in 2 years.


    Elena Filip – cofounder Accelerole

  • We can easily summarise our entire MVP Academy experience in one word: learning. And I would actually need to add another one to offer a complete image: hard!


    Mihai Raneti – cofounder Cyber Fog

  • I came to MVP Academy thinking I know (almost) everything about my product. And then I started working with Bogdan and George that proved me wrong. They were right and I have to thank them for opening my eyes.


    Mircea Paţachi – cofounder UNLOQ

  • Eye opening, tough, realistic. We got a much better pitch in place and went on to building our product for larger markets than those we could answer to immediately.


    Victor Popescu – cofounder Seeds

  • By being part of MVP Academy Class of 2015 we’ve received workshops, mentoring, exposure, objective criticism, feedback, as well as help for reaching our next level. And all for free. I hardly believe that such a program exists here, in Romania.


    Dan Damian – cofounder myDog

  • MVP Academy revolutionized our approach. It was a defining experience that every startup should go through.


    Sorana Pascariu – cofounder Conversion Network

  • These guys really know what they’re talking about. Quit wasting time and just listen to them. It’ll be better on the long run.


    Andreea Mihăescu – cofounder Swapr

  • MVP Academy was a learning experience. We realized how many things we forgot about or we didn’t consider important enough. It put us on the fast track to success.


    ANDRÁS KAPY – cofounder AXOSUITS

  • I got the chance to meet the most important people in Romania (and beyond) and the most active angel investors.



  • MVP Academy cut lots of months of our work. We had some great mentors that helped us get the product where we wanted to.



  • MVP Academy was amazing & we learned a lot from the mentors. At the beginning we had an idea and a proof of concept, but during the program we managed to define our product.



  • We quit our jobs to join the program and it was worth it. It was a really intense experience and the mentoring sessions were our favourite part.


    RADU OPREA – cofounder LIFEBOX

  • It was a great experience because we managed to focus more on what we do. We now have an actual plan and just have to execute it further.



  • MVP Academy helped us get a better understanding of the market, develop a functional prototype and perfect our pitch.



  • It was a challenging experience and we had a lot of things to learn. As a new team, we understood how to overcome most of the challenges we were facing.


    PAUL OLTEANU – cofounder INOVOLT

MVP Academy 2016 Demo Day

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