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  • Florin-Talpes

    Florin Talpeș



    Florin Talpeș is the co-founder and CEO of Bitdefender, world-renowned creator of antivirus products. Started in 2001, the company now has offices in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Spain, strategic partners in over 100 countries globally and clients such as IBM and Virgin Media. done
  • Mike-Butcher

    Mike Butcher

    Editor at Large


    Mike Butcher is currently Editor of TechCrunch Europe. Mike is also involved in a project to bring European technology entrepreneurs and investors together in a club environment called TechHub (@TechHub), in London initially. A long time journalist, Mike has written for UK national newspapers and magazines including The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The New Statesman. Mike is also the founder of the Europas and a keen observer of the tech ecosystems worlwide. done
  • Max-Kelly

    Max Kelly

    Managing Director

    Techstars London

    Max has a long background running innovation and entrepreneurship at Virgin. During the 12 years he worked there, Max was responsible for the strategy of the group and for starting several companies which eventually exited for over $500M (eg. Virgin Insight, Virgin Mobile USA, Virgin Mobile Canada, Virgin Healthbank). Alongside his Virgin commitments, Max also co-founded which had a successful exit in 2014. He started his career at L’Oreal running the UK’s largest haircare brand – the irony was lost on no one. He was a scholar at Oxford University, where he obtained a First Class Degree in Chemistry. done
  • Tristan

    Tristan Watson

    Managing Director

    Ignite 100

    Tristan Watson is the Managing Director of Ignite. Their ethos is simple: they invest in teams first, ideas second; they’re always looking for smar founders who want help to bring their ideas to life, or take their existing business and grow it into something huge. Tristan is an entrepreneur himself, having previously founded two startups, and in his spare time he likes to go surfing. done
  • RaduGeorgescu

    Radu Georgescu

    Founding Partner

    Gecad Ventures

    Over 20 years of experience in founding and developing companies - Software, Internet, eCommerce. Successful exits include acquisition of RAV antivirus technology by Microsoft in 2003, ePayment business by Naspers in 2010 and Avangate by Francisco Partners in 2013. Board Director and Adviser to a number of start-up and mature technology companies.
  • martyndavies

    Martyn Davies

    Programme Director

    Ignite Accelerator

    Martyn is a the Programme Director at Ignite Accelerator, London. Former Developer Evangelist at SendGrid, he is a creative developer, product manager, technical consultant and hack day organizer, with first hand experience in doing so at BBC and Universal Music. He is also a serial mentor on many accelerator programs throughout Europe, and he is working directly and sharing his knowledge on building tech products with early-stage startups. done
  • Rumen-Iliev

    Rumen Iliev



    Rumen has a keep passion for entrepreneurship, startups, venture capital, investments and focused on building connecting with the relevant people in the startup / entrepreneurial ecosystem that can help early stage companies achieve their goals. done
  • carmen-sebe-image

    Carmen Sebe

    Business Advisor

    Carmen is a technology industry executive with a significant operational, general management, P&L, international experience. She has an extensive experience with new products and markets, business partnerships, transition planning and execution, organisational development and product development and an in-depth knowledge of multi-channel go to market models. done
  • Florin-Cornianu

    Florin Cornianu

    Co-founder & CEO


    Florin participated in every piece of the 123ContactForm puzzle. From marketing to financials, from planning to support, nothing felt better to him than actually coding a feature. He likes soccer and strategy games. done
  • Robert-Knapp

    Robert Knapp

    Co-Founder & CEO


    Robert Knapp is the Co-Founder & CEO of CyberGhost, one of the best known VPN suppliers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Bucharest and now has more than 30 employees who established an extraordinary service with more than 7.5 million users in a very short time. done
  • Dan-Lupu

    Dan Lupu


    Early Bird Capital

    Dan is currently a Partner at Early Bird Capital, after having spent 4 years as an Investment Director at Intel Capital, where he was in charge of South-East Europe. Before that, he gained a lot of valuable experience at SigmaBleyzer (a private equity fund focused on South-East Europe) as an Investment Executive. His gained his knowledge as an equity research analyst in fields such as telecom, pharmaceuticals and white goods. done
  • Mihai-Sfintescu

    Mihai Sfințescu

    Private Equity Investor

    Mihai is a Partner at 3TS Capital Partners, one of the leading private equity and venture capital firms in Central and Eastern Europe. He specializes in Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions Management. In the past, he was the Founder of Abilito Capital, Senior Partner at Altria Capital, Director and previously an Associate/ Transaction Manager at CA IB and he worked as an Analyst at Capital SA. done
  • Cosmin-Ochisor

    Cosmin Ochișor

    Investment Manager


    Cosmin is highly experienced in a wide variety of business fields within or near Telecom industry: Directory Services, Value Added Services and general new business development. His extensive set of skills and knowledge also encompasses re-organization/outsourcing processes, M&A and working with multi-skilled international teams. Moreover, he is a product manager experienced in product development, marketing communication (ATL&BTL), rolling-out new products on the market. done
  • Ana Maria Andronic

    Ana Maria Andronic


    DLA Piper

    Ana Maria Andronic is widely regarded as one of the leading lawyers in Romania when it comes to IT and online matters. In her IT practice, she covers the entire lifecycle and range of issues confronting IT operators and investors, with an emphasis on angel and venture capital investments, Internet privacy matters, copyright and trademark related matters as well as all related corporate & labor issues. done
  • Marius-Ursache

    Marius Ursache



    Marius studied to be a plastic surgeon, but instead he became a designer. In 1999 he founded Grapefruit, a Romanian digital product development agency. Today, Marius works closely with Bill Aulet, Managing Director of MIT Entrepreneurship Center on the "Disciplined Entrepreneurship" book and framework, and develops, a set of online checklists and tools for disciplined entrepreneurs. done
  • Dan-Calugareanu

    Dan Calugareanu


    Alliance Computers

    An entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in the IT industry, Dan has been running for the past 15 years, an online retailer owned by Alliance Computers, specialized in selling IT products and other items connected to this segment. Dan is also the founding partner of TechAngels (and also an active investor), a network of private investors facilitating business development in the tech field across South-East Europe. He also owns, the most read book-review website in Romania. done
  • Radu-Atanasiu

    Radu Atanasiu

    Angel investor

    Radu Atanasiu is an active angel investor, member of TechAngels and VGPartners' network, an angel investment initiative powered by MsM Romania. Radu successfully invested in startups such as 2Parale (now 2Performant) and SmartDreamers in Romania, Telemedico in Polonia/UK, Navdy, Spire, Bikanta, Fedora and many more through AngelList. done
  • Adriana-Iordan

    Adriana Iordan

    Sr. Director of Product


    Adriana is currently managing several divisions at Avangate: Affiliate Network, UX Design/ Development and Product Management and works closely with marketing, development, sales and customer care teams to deliver projects that support both company goals and client needs.
    Adriana joined Avangate from Ipsos Interactive Europe in 2006 as Web Marketing Manager and in this role she has increased Avangate's online visibility and brand recognition, introduced new web marketing products and has taken the Affiliate network from birth to maturity.
    With over 8 years' experience in eCommerce & online marketing strategy and planning, user experience, conversion rate analysis and product marketing applied to the software industry, Adriana also served a two year term on the Board Directors of the Association of Software Professionals until 2010. done
  • Vladimir-Oane

    Vladimir Oane

    Director of Product


    Vladimir is a co-founder and the Chief Product Officer of uberVU, one of the most successful Romanian startups, winner of Seedcamp in 2008, acquired by HootSuite in 2013. He is a driven entrepreneur and a great adviser when it comes to offering feedback to newly born startups. done
  • Adrian-Gheara

    Adrian Gheară


    Neobyte Solutions

    Adrian is a consultant and investor in technology startups. He founded several online projects, with successful exits, and he's now helping other local entrepreneurs grow their business. He specializes in Online Business Development, Software/Web Product Development, Project Management, and he is an experienced Technology Consultant and Angel Investor. done
  • Malin-Stefanescu

    Mălin Iulian Ștefănescu

    Founder & CEO

    EEU Software

    Mălin founded EEU Software 13 years ago, a company that handles Java projects, software development, outsourcing, automated testing, virtualization, etc. He is also a co-founder of other tech companies in Romania and abroad, using his extensive experience in project management and large applications to help them achieve traction. Mălin has also recently backed Green Horse Games as an angel investor. done
  • Stefan-Szakal

    Stefan Szakal

    Founder & CEO


    Stefan is the founder and CEO of X3, renowned Romanian design studio, with a team of highly specialized professionals, an impressive client list and an even more impressive award and recognition portfolio. His newest project is Ctrl-D - Romanian online magazine of design, development and digital. done
  • Maria-Diaconu

    Maria Diaconu

    Founder & CEO

    Mozaic Works

    Passionate about the software world and entrepreneurship, Maria's focus is on supporting teams in the two areas on their way to delivering high quality results and maximizing business value. From Software Developer to Agile Lean Practitioner & Coach, and later on, entrepreneur, Maria is supporting quality software, software craftsmanship and people passionate about their craft. done
  • Iulia-Porneala

    Iulia Porneală

    Product Manager

    Product Management Festival

    Iulia started her career as a PHP programmer and then went on to develop her passion for project management, acting as Executive Manager for La Redoute Romania where she also coordinated the marketing activities. She spent the next 4 years overseeing the product management operations at CyberGhost, by defining and planning product lines and product enhancements. Her skills range from setting the strategic direction based on customer needs and business goals, evaluating risk, managing sales and growth hacking. Now she is organising Product Management Festival, a yearly product management conference that takes place in Zurich. done
  • Alex Negrea

    Alex Negrea

    Senior Director of Engineering


    Currently a Senior Director of Engineering at Intralinks, Alex is an entrepreneur, he was co-founder & CTO of docTrackr - document security and control technology (Techstars 2012, sold to Intralinks in 2014). With prior experience in growing engineering teams, product development and R&D, he enjoys helping startups that bring innovation through technology to grow their businesses. done
  • Alin Vlad

    Alin Vlad

    Director of Online Sales & Marketing

    Heimdal Security

    Alin Vlad is the Director of Online Sales & Marketing at Heimdal Security, a danish internet security startup. Having an extensive background in the Customer Support and Online Marketing fields, he fully understands the end user needs and how important the social factor is. Passionate about Inbound Marketing, he's always up to date with the latest trends in the industry. done
  • Alina Cazacu

    Alina Cazacu

    Head Of New Media

    PRO TV

    Experienced professional having more than 10 years work experience with a strong focus in the digital industry & a wide variety of business fields such as Retail (E-commerce), content portals, Top-listing & general online services for B2B, Product Innovation & New Business Development. Entrepreneurial attitude, supporting the tech entrepreneurs community by intensively working through various programs with the CEE startup community in order to create business opportunities done
  • Lucian-Todea

    Lucian Todea

    Founder & CEO


    Lucian is the founder and CEO of Soft32, an online publisher and provider of digital content, actively involved in various other technology & internet projects. He was named one of the "The 1000 most important businessmen" in Romania by the leading business media outlet Ziarul Financiar (2008, 2009 and 2010), and he was part of "Top 100 young managers" published by Business Magazine (2007). He has also currently backed SmartBill as an angel investor. done
  • Cristi-Badea-3

    Cristi Badea

    Co-founder & CPO

    MavenHut Games

    Cristi is an online gaming expert & entrepreneur with over 5 years experience in social gaming. He has handcrafted and self-published dozens of social games on Facebook and been responsible over the years for top titles, that reached over 15 million players throughout the world. Cristi is the guy behind the mechanics of Solitaire Arena, the one that crunches numbers for breakfast in order to create the best games MavenHut can create. done
  • Gabriel-Coarna

    Gabriel Coarnă


    (former Achitect Evernote, Founder Clearly)

    Gabriel Coarna has been coding since the age of 14. He is the founder of Clearly, app that’s been acquired by Evernote back in 2011. He has been working as an Architect for the Clearly Products within Evernote for 4 and a half years and has now decided to start again on the entrepreneurial path. Experienced software developer, he excels in managing people and expectations. done
  • George-Lemnaru

    George Lemnaru

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Green Horse Games

    After having developed a geopolitical simulator that gathered more than 4 million users worldwide, George Lemnaru challenged himself with a new venture. With his new company, Green Horse Games, George is bringing football supporters together by allowing them to collaborate and support the same football clubs. Their new game,, already has more than 100.000 active players with an average MoM growth rate above 20%. George’s experience ranges from gamification, to freemium monetization, to developing a team within a startup, to getting funded and more. His previous success with eRepublik defined the early stages of tech startups in Romania and also made an impact on the region.
  • Andrei Costescu

    Andrei Costescu

    Founder & CEO


    Andrei is CEO & founder of mReady, a mobile app development company that focuses mainly on building B2B mobile solutions. He is a startup enthusiast specialised in business planning, customer development, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, product management, project management, forming & building great teams. During the time he was involved in many successful projects: Welle,, memoSms, or Superlege. done
  • Madalin-Craciun

    Mădălin Crăciun

    UX & UI Manager


    Mădălin works for mReady, mobile apps development agency. He’s in charge with Web UX, Graphic Design & Front End Development for all the agency’s projects and his skills also cover Android App, iPhone App and iPad App UX & Graphic Design. That means that visual coherence, usability elements and retention mechanism are his main focus. done
  • Gabi-Lungu

    Gabi Lungu

    Creative Director & Co-founder

    Okapi Studio

    Gabi is a product professional with over 15 years of design and usability experience. 10 years ago he co-founded Okapi, a multidisciplinary creative agency based in Bucharest & San Francisco, focused on building digital products from scratch. Okapi has been working with worldwide known clients as well as small and ambitious start-ups done
  • Carmen-Punga

    Carmen Punga

    Industry Manager

    Google Bucharest

    Carmen Punga is happily embracing the challenge of placing Romania on the global map. She is looking at the local entrepreneurial market, aiming to inspire and support its players to develop powerful businesses and brands for the global space, that will disrupt tomorrow's economy and consumers. Carmen is experienced (and particularly interested in) brand building, creativity and innovation as key differentiators in the marketplace. Before Google she had been working for 12 years in business development, marketing & communication consultancy with Saatchi & Saatchi and its various B2B and B2C brands and businesses. done
  • Marius-Jumolea

    Marius Jumolea

    Co-founder & CTO


    Marius shifted from outsourcing to product in 2013 when he became the Co-Founder & CTO of Connatix, platform that brings together publishers and advertisers. Before that, he was the General Manager of Visually Romania as well as Founder & General Manager of Greppy Systems, agency serving clients in Israel, France and the US and he was involved in creating R&D teams for different big companies (AOL Videos - 5minMedia, Funtomic-Kizi). He started his career as a software developer working on large scale projects. Besides this, he is an active investor in different startups, having in his portfolio teams fom Romania and the US. done
  • Bulent

    Bulent Duagi



    Billy currently develops, a company that provides training on Mobile-related skills. He loves building products that are both useful and easy to use. He is also contributing to the development of the Product Managers/Start-up community in Romania.
    In a previous career, he was the HR Business Partner for the IT department in Vodafone, contributed to setting up the Vodafone Shared Services center in RO and was the HR Business Partner for the Adobe Romania campus. done
  • Andrei-Ostacie

    Andrei Ostacie

    Owner & Marketing Manager


    Andrei Ostacie is a seasoned entrepreneur, being the owner and marketing manager of OkapiStudio, a multidisciplinary creative agency, encompassing talents that excel in full advertising services, brand strategy, graphic, web and motion design. Moreover, Andrei is also a seed investor in 2 startups: Octonius and ClassOwl, and an angel investor, part of the TechAngels network. done
  • Daniel-Rizea

    Daniel Rizea

    Software Development Manager


    love startups, innovation and using great technology. Really enjoy building things and taking ideas from the drawing board to the market. done
  • Florian Gheorghe

    Florian Gheorghe

    Lawyer and Angel Investor

    Business lawyer and entrepreneur by passion, with experience in USA and CEE. Represented venture capital funds in CEE. Background in US Government work. Advises startups on business and contractual modeling, funding, and exit done
  • Radu-Popovici

    Radu Popovici

    Project Manager

    Gemini Solutions

    With over 7 years experience in the IT industry, Radu has worn many hats along the way, from Android Developer to Product and, most recently, Project Manager. He has a proven ability to drive best practices and get things done on specs and on time. With an eye for detail and the perfect shot, you may not always recognize Radu in a crowd, as his face will be hidden behind a camera most of the time. done
  • Raluca-Radu

    Raluca Radu

    Country Manager Romania


    I am passionate about finding the right strategic approach for each company and translating this strategy into the right company culture and implementation team. I can help businesses with strategic management, team recruitment and building, identifying and training key leaders for performance and translating strategies into effective processes and procedures.
    I believe I am highly effective in building strong passionate teams that deliver results and I’ve applied most of my skills working in online marketing, e-commerce, online classifieds, online publishing and online advertising, mostly in middle and top management positions. done
  • Sorin-Peste

    Sorin Peste

    Technical Evangelist


    Sorin Peste has been involved in software, one way or another, ever since he was 10. From building his own games for fun, moving to professional developer, Technical Team Leader, Consultant, Solution Architect and, nowadays, showcasing the latest and greatest stuff coming from Microsoft. He has been part of the Enterprise Services unit within Microsoft Romania since 2011 and he's been part of delivering a number of enterprise solutions, both on premises and in the cloud. He likes coding, travelling and riding his motorcycle in his spare time. done
  • Cedric-Maloux

    Cedric Maloux


    Startup Yard

    Cedric has been founding and managing internet startups since 1996 and is currently the CEO of StartupYard, a Prague-based accelerator. Initially an IT engineer specialised in Artificial Intelligence, Cedric spent all his career turning technologies into businesses. done
  • Dragos-Nicolaescu

    Dragos Nicolaescu


    Visionary Business Consultants

    Dragos is a former top corporate executive with +20 years of business experience and now works as mentor, coach and consultant. He works with executives and their teams, and is specialized in business development, management consulting and executive coaching. done
  • Bogdan-Ripa

    Bogdan Ripa

    Director of Product


    Entrepreneur at heart, Bogdan has Co-Founded his first startup when he was only 21 years old. He started by doing outsourcing work (consultancy for websites, web apps, ERP systems, analytics tools), but he got bored by doing repetitive things and decided to make a shift and start building his own products. 6 years later, the company he Co-Founded was bought by Adobe Romania, where he worked in engineering and product management, until last month, when he decided to return in the startup environment. It’s then when he decided to join Vector Watch, one of the most promising Romanian Startups, as Director of Product. done
  • Bogdan-Sandulescu

    Bogdan Sandulescu

    Full Stack Engineer

    Bogdan is a full-stack engineer. He was the CTO and one of the first employees of UberVu, as well as Director of Engineering after HootSuite's acquisition back in 2013. He is now working to increase happiness across startup teams through basic psychology. done
  • Ciprian-Istrate

    Ciprian Istrate

    Global Marketing Director


    Ciprian Istrate, Bitdefender’s Global Marketing Director, leads a team of more than 40 people and coordinates branding activities, product marketing strategies, partner programs, pricing policies, marketing research and design. He has over 13 years of global marketing experience being the architect of many global product launches. done
  • Mihaela-Paun

    Mihaela Paun

    Global Online Business Development Manager


    Bitdefender’s Marcom Director, coordinates marketing and communication activities for new clients’ acquisition, loyalty and retention for existing customers, through online sales and partners. She leads a team of more than 50 people. One of the first 30 employees, Mihaela has more than 13 years of experience in developing the strategy of promoting Bitdefender worldwide. done
  • Cristian-Badea

    Cristian Badea

    Chief Information Officer


    "A founding member of Avangate, Cristian Badea has had a major impact over the company’s strategic direction and progress over the years. He understands new trends in technology and how to successfully and efficiently align IT to business goals.
    Cristian has a well rounded insight into the software industry, being a developer himself. At the same time, his expertise spans technical, financial and business areas. At Avangate, he is leading multi-departmental projects addressing solution functionality and innovation, scalability, security and efficient resource planning. An outspoken person, Cristian is a mentor and friend to colleagues and partners." done
  • Alexandra-Marcu

    Alexandra Marcu

    Senior Director Corporate Marketing


    Having 9 years of expertise in marketing for software business (commerce, online payments, subscription billing, SaaS / Cloud Services) and in managing cross-functional teams, Alexandra Marcu is the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Avangate. She has hands-on expertise in global marketing, go-to-market strategies, demand generation, online marketing, marketing operations and programs as well as product marketing strategy for the software and SaaS industry and she loves coaching & mentoring people and helping them discover their true potential. done
  • Mihai-Anghel-bw

    Mihai Anghel

    Business Manager, Co-founder

    Gloria Food

    Corporate Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and CEO, with a focus on IT&C industry and specific knowledge in Online Ordering, Messaging, Security - Antivirus & eCommerce Industries (generate online sales), Mihai Anghel is acting in dynamic environments and emergent markets, with the goal ofdelivering quality and benefits to the companies he's working with. done
  • Laurentiu-Ghenciu-bw

    Laurentiu Ghenciu

    VP Sales, EMEA


    Laurentiu has a world-class experience in digital eCommerce, SaaS and marketing, with a proven record of success in the software industry. He is also empowered with a global expertise in cross-border partnerships development, strategically integrating channel sales development and online sales consulting. done
  • Eugen-Potlog

    Eugen Potlog

    Conectoo Manager

    Conversion Marketing

    Eugen Potlog has over 9 years of experience in online marketing, most of them working for eMAG, the largest online retailer in Central and Eastern Europe. Starting 2013 he joined Conversion, the #1 digital agency in Romania (part of the eMAG group). He is currently holding the position of Conectoo Manager (an email marketing solution by Conversion) focusing on implementing new technologies for better email marketing. With skills in various areas of online businesses (email marketing, user experience, affiliate marketing, or product management), Eugen has worked with big names such as eMAG, Flanco, Banca Transilvania and Oriflame. done
  • Valentin-Radu

    Valentin Radu



    Valentin Radu has always been a multi-gardener. From data research to insurance salesman, from radio entertainer to sales trainer, he calls himself an idea-generator, always trying to burn down the scale of enthusiasm. He is now developing, a conversion-rate optimization platform that aims to grow into the world’s easiest integrated solution for conversion optimization. Marketizator is a happy mix between advanced segmentation, A/B testing, triggered interactions, and surveys with branching logic. done
  • Monica-Obogeanu

    Monica Obogeanu

    Product Manager


    Monica is currently a Product Manager at MozaicLabs. She has a wide previous experience ranging from technical support, software testing to community management and event operations. She is in love with the startup world, after 3 years working at How to Web, managing the first programs of Startup Spotlight, MVP Academy and organizing the Accelerator Assembly 2014 conference. At MozaicLabs, she is currently developing - SaaS app for speakers & event organizers, empowering their efforts to deliver value and a great experience to their audience. done
  • Mihai-Sfrijan-BW

    Mihai Sfrijan


    Notic Games

    Having a wide experience in business development in general and in the gaming industry in particular, Mihai was the Head of King’s local studio, the Swedish game developer famous for developing Candy Crush Saga, one of the most successful Facebook games of all times. Mihai was the man that built the local studio from scratch after working for the company in Sweden. Under his leadership, the Romanian branch of King has developed Bubble Witch Saga, another successful title of the company that took 9 months to develop and test, but only 41 days to make its first million. In MVP Academy, Mihai uses his expertise to support startups working on B2C & mobile products. done
  • Radu-Sebastian-Amarie

    Radu Sebastian Amarie

    Head of Engineering


    Radu began his web developer career by earning enough money on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to buy his first programming book, and has never looked back. A full-stack developer, Radu's goal is to build fast-loading, pixel perfect, smart apps and to design scalable software architectures. A mathematician by nature, he is as skilled in writing algorithms as he is in deploying servers. Radu has also created Softbinator Algorithms, a large community of developers and participated as a mentor in several tech focused programs. done
  • Tudor-Juravlea

    Tudor Juravlea

    UX Professional

    MVP Academy Coach

    Tudor works on User Experience and Product Management projects. Over the past 10 years, he got familiar with smartphone operating systems and hardware, and then coordinated the successful delivery of 16+ web and mobile apps. He took an important part in innovative projects launched by some of the most important telecom and banking companies in Romania. Always up to date with the newest tech trends, Tudor loves working with creative innovators and startups and he recently launched a new teaching project together with Scoala Informala de IT, where he is a User Experience trainer. He actively works with startups in MVP Academy batch of 2016 to help them improve the user experience for their products. done
  • Liviu-Lica

    Liviu Lica

    Product Manager

    Hootsuite Media Inc.

    Liviu Lica is a Product Manager for Hootsuite Media Inc., working with the Hootsuite's Analytics and Hootsuite Insights teams. In the past he worked as a quality assurance engineer, being responsible for devising different ways to assure the quality and uptime of the products created by uberVU and, more recently, by Hootsuite. Before that, Liviu worked as an Web developer at BSC, a web development company. He also co-founded of Digi-Artz /, a digital agency based in the Netherlands.
  • Bogdan-Predusca

    Bogdan Predușca

    Product Manager


    Entrepreneur at heart and leader with more than 3 years experience as a CEO & Co-Founder of 2 tech startups, Bogdan Predusca is passionate about creating innovative products. He says about himself that he's fortunate to have a strategic and business-oriented thinking, filled up by an extensive experience in multicultural environments. Bogdan has an MBA & a Master degree in Computer Science and more than 11 years of IT experience gained in both tech startups and multinational corporations. done
  • Alexandra-Popa

    Alexandra Popa

    Investment Professional

    Alexandra is an investment professional with 10+ years experience in investment banking, capital markets and private equity. She's also experienced in business strategy and growth, loans financing and structuring, working in international environment at management and board level. done
  • Razvan-Capatina

    Razvan Capatina


    Business Results

    Razvan has over 15 years of expertise in research and marketing, shareholder in advertising agency specialized in B2B lead generation and investor in tech companies - IT training and software development. He is passionate about how technology influences both people and businesses and is looking forward to support smart ideas and smart entrepreneurs with finance and know-how from his own ups and failures. done
  • enishulli2

    Enis Hulli

    Associate Partner

    500 Startups Istanbul

    Enis aims to cultivate and grow the Turkish startup ecosystem to better integrate it with Silicon Valley. His goal is to position 500 Startups as the leading actor in the region in order to re-shape the future of innovation at EMEA. done
  • daniel-enescu

    Daniel Enescu

    Chairman of the Board

    Millward Brown Romania

    Daniel founded Daedalus Group, which comprises three companies offering a full range of marketing consultancy services. In 2014, Daedalus Group was bought by Millward Brown, a leading global research agency specializing in advertising effectiveness, strategic communication, media and brand equity research. Since then Daniel is leading the Millward Brown in Romania. done
  • bogdan-batog

    Bogdan Batog


    Bogdan is Cofounder and Head of Engineering at Sailo, a boat rental marketplace that connects poeple who want to rent boats to boat owners and licensed captains. Before Sailo, he held many senior engineering positions in software companies across Europe. done
  • marius-pahomi

    Marius Pahomi

    Founder & CEO

    Conversion Marketing

    Marius founded Conversion Marketing, a leading digital agency in Romania (>10 mil. euro turnover in 2015, > 40 employees) and sold it to eMag a few years later. Specialties: Communication planning & implementation, digital media, negotiation, business management. done
  • irina_alexandru

    Irina Alexandru

    Program Manager


    With a degree in Product Design, Irina started her first business at the age of 23, distinguishing herself with an award winning design company, AIRA Design Studio. In 2014, Irina co-founded Vector Watch, the tech startup that introduces a smartwatch with a 30-day battery life. Before being acquired by Fitbit, in January 2017, Vector Watch reached over 40 employees and collaborators with offices in London, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Bucharest.
  • Michael-Dooijes-bw

    Michael Dooijes

    Co-founder & Managing Director

    StartupBootCamp Fintech & Cybersecurity

    Michael is a serial intrapreneur, industry leader and international executive & innovator in the Fintech space. He ran the ventures & innovation team at Rabobank, one of the largest banks in NL and was CEO of the leading m-commerce platform MyOrder. In his activity, Michael has managed large cross-functional teams across multiple countries. He is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, on innovation and the future of Fintech. and he is passionate about how Innovation can impact the lives of millions and focuses on helping the financial services industry transform itself. done
  • Alexandru-Lapusan

    Alexandru Lapusan

    CEO & Founding Partner @Zitec

    Vicepresident @ANIS

    Alexandru Lapusan is a Member of ANIS Board of Directors (Romanian association of software companies), as Vice-president in charge of International Markets, starting May 2016.
    Alexandru is the CEO & founding partner of, one of Romania’s important software development companies, also developing own products and acting as investor in several US and Romanian startups. done
  • Bogdan-Manoiu

    Bogdan Manoiu

    Founder & CEO


    Bogdan has founded and developed 6 companies, actuve in many different industries: technology, trading&processing oil, soft drinks, recycling, real estate development, raising money & investing his own money. He has worked on every aspect of those projects, from CEO, CMO, and CFO to Product Manager, and has managed small and large teams, of well over a hundred people, and budgets of up to $100M and more. done
  • Andreea-Mocofan

    Andreea Mocofan

    Business Operations and Country Portfolio Manager


    Andreea has an experience of more than 5 years in management consulting working with clients from various industries for which she developed business and marketing strategies, assisted during business transfers and M&A transactions, as well as acting as project manager for strategic initiatives. For the past 2 years, she is in charge of the project management for cross-functional projects for one of the largest pharma companies and enhancing operational efficiency. Moreover, Andreea is heavily involved in developing and implementing brand strategies and marketing plans by encouraging breakthrough thinking as part of a culture of rapid innovation. done